Sponsoring a child

It costs $25 per month to sponsor a child at CCEC, which totals to $300 per year. This fund caters for food and tuition. By sponsoring a child at CCEC you become a vital part of securing that child's future and giving him/her a second chance in life.
• CCEC is grateful to welcome you into the extended family of supporters of children. Your contribution allows the vulnerable child the opportunity to live and enjoy a normal life. Majority of this allows the child to receive access to education that will sustain him/her in future.
• As the sponsor of the child, you have absolute right to decide the amount you would like to give. CCEC appreciates any amount as well as foodstuffs, school uniforms, school fees as subsidizes to your donations.
• Your sponsorship payment schedule is really upon yourself. CCEC will enter a pledge for each of your active sponsorship every month of each calendar year. As a sponsor you determine your installment schedule and choose whether to pay monthly, quarterly, semiannually or annually. CCEC will send you payment reminder that will include your upcoming installment date and your current balance.
• CCEC will send to the sponsor a detailed progress report about the sponsored child including his/her picture. In addition, you will receive acknowledgement of any special gift you send.
• Thank you for a vailing your funds and time to become a CCEC child sponsor and we welcome you to our extended family of supporters. You are an asset in the life of these children and your generous contribution and prayers are not in vain.

Join us and sponsor a child at Cheery


CCEC appeals to you to consider on how well you can impact the lives of vulnerable children and offer them a bright future. CCEC receives no funding from the government; we therefore fully depend on donations from generous people, corporates and other organizations.

Due to the ever increasing needs from vulnerable children, CCEC is desperately trying to expand its facilities to provide comprehensive care to more needy children. The donations to CCEC are geared towards improving the overall state of the centre and help the vulnerable children shape their future.

CCEC believes education is the best way for these children to escape the miserable situation they are living in today. The donations to the centre will help in the provision of basic needs and quality education. The end results, the children will become independent and responsible members of the society. The children will get a relatively normal and joyful childhood life in spite of their difficult background.

CCEC is open to any kind of donations either in kind or deed because the children are in dire need of clothes, uniforms, school fees, desks, pens, books and toys for baby care.

CCEC also encourages all to support us through various means; - volunteering at the centre this will go a long way in impacting your experience and knowledge to these children. It will also help you share, advice and execute your potential and talents to these children.

Our partners

Here at CCEC we are glad and very proud to be associated with our partners and they include:

  • Private volunteers.
  • Private Corporates.
  • Individuals

Our commitment

CCEC commits itself in making sure donations improve the children’s life, thus bringing hope to the vulnerable child. We believe education is a fundamental element in the lives of human beings. It's the only way to fight poverty and insecurity in the society. For these vulnerable children to get education, it takes the loving heart of well-wishers, corporates and organizations to fulfill this dream. CCEC is offering sponsorship program through its partners to help these children fulfill vital needs e.g. paying for tuition, buying uniforms, stationeries and provide lunch for them.CCEC is appealing to everybody who is able to stand with this noble task; together we can bring change in the lives of many children in Kibera slum. NOTE; to sponsor a child at CCEC is real commitment and of course should not be taken lightly. For a child to find a sponsor, most of the poor parents here brings a feeling of security and hope. On this, CCEC is looking for generous people who would sponsor one or two of its children depending on their capability.

  • $10=buys 5 pairs of new navy blue uniform socks
  • $30=provides 1 new uniform including a navy blue sweater, checked navy blue shirt and a dress for the girls or khaki slacks for the boys
  • $25=sponsors 1 child for one month of school tuition and meal
  • $100=buys 5 pairs of good black leather uniform shoes
  • $300=sponsors 1 child for tuition and meals for a whole year
  • $1200=pays for the salary of 1 teacher for a full year
  • $30,000=secures the schools future by securing a land for the school
  • $480=provides rice for 1 month
  • $160=provides maize flour for 1 month
  • $78=provides Greengrams 1 month
  • $160=provides vegetables for 1 month
  • $42=provides salad 28 liters for 1 month
  • $154=pays for charcoal and firewood for 1 month
  • $ 80=pays for water for 1 month for the school
  • $40=pays for internet for 1 month
  • $30=supplies electricity for 1 month for the centre
  • $21=buys chalk for 1 month
We appreciate your generous giving, all cash donations can reach us through the following channels:

  1. Barclays bank of kenya
    - Account Number: 03 - 751371969, Moi avenue branch, Nairobi.
    - Swift code BARCKENX

  2. Mpesa Safaricom number
    +254 720-827533
    +254 722-489177

  3. PayPal - Email: jairusmakambi@yahoo.com Business name: Cheery Childrens Education Centre.

  4. Moneygram - Jairus Mudavadi Makambi

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Contact Information

Cheery Children Education Centre Mashimoni, Kibera slum Nairobi.
P.O. BOX 22890 – 00100
Phone: (+254) 720827533/(+254) 722489177
E-mail: info@cheerycentre.org